Maleficent Ghost

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This unique Maleficent Ghost sculpture is an iconic piece of Disney villain art. Charming with a sparkle of mischief, this ghost is the perfect whimsy addition to any space. This ghost is wearing Maleficent's iconic headpiece, cape, holding a glittery staff and floating in front of the green glowing forest of thorns. It is the perfect statement piece to unleash your whimsy wickedness.

Original Artwork by Victoria Ashley

Product Details : 11x14 inches

  • Clay
  • Wooden Panel
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Sculpted Wooden Staff
  • Epoxy Resin
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The Eccentric, Homely Hobbit

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The world is morbidly beautiful and I am charmed by all things strange and unusual. Surrealism and dark art thrill me, but the horror, the horror was for love.


Food is like a love poem. It tells a story, comforts us, can transport us through space and time with memories, but most importantly it brings people together.


Propelled by the pop-culture and phenomena that spill into our lives. It's the things we love, the memories we have and the way we connect. The rest is confetti.

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